Artery Capital Group  
Chevy Chase, MD

Sq. Feet: 4,000 RSF
Year completed: 2013

Artery Capital Group has been a real estate investment and development firm within the Washington metropolitan region for decades. The opportunity to relocate their corporate offices also gave them the opportunity to re-present themselves to business community. While maintaining the image of a stable investment growth company they also wanted to exhibit their creative nature, literally be displaying some of their CEO’s large collection of artwork.

Conservative investor, meet voracious art collector. Artery’s owner has had a long-running passion for art, and enjoys collecting works of art by local artists. Knowing that almost every inch of wall space would be occupied by artwork the design of the new office space needed to be elegant yet subtle, providing a quiet backdrop for the rotating pieces of art that would occupy the suite. Anigre wood and warm whites and grays were selected as the neutral color palette of the office suite. Corridors are six-feet wide to allow more breathing room for large canvases. Linear wall-washing light fixtures project the light where it is needed, while also creating a pleasing balance of indirect lighting.

The Reception and Conference area is the only space where materials are allowed to make their own statement of elegance. Anigre wood veneer wraps columns and beams, ceramic tile flooring gives textural richness, and white stone and wood come together at the reception desk.

Services performed on this project
Interior Design
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