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Association of the United States Army

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Project Highlights

The Association of the US Army (AUSA) is a private non-profit organization with 122 chapters worldwide that acts primarily as an advocacy group for the US Army, its soldiers, families, and retirees.  AUSA owns the building in which they are headquartered, in Arlington, Virginia.  Interplan has worked with AUSA for several years, slowly renovating all areas of their building, as AUSA strives to update the property and makes it an income-generator with various collaboration and meeting areas.

The full 4th floor renovation focused on creating additional amenity spaces comprised of several conference rooms and large lounge style breakout areas. Keeping acoustics in mind, baffled ceilings define the various lounge seating configurations, allowing for casual conversations or post meeting collaborations. The large central break area island allows for informal gatherings and serves as the spatial hub.  Operable glass partitions allow for full views of the surrounding cityscapes and various configurations of the meeting areas.