Working with Us

We are fierce about our RELATIONSHIPS.

Creativity is the spark that ignites us.

We embrace OWNERSHIP and let our clients inspire us.

Long term clients grow from RESPECT.

At Interplan, we embody collaboration, crafting one-of-a-kind designs infused with passion, engagement, and local experience. Committed to budget and schedule, we transform visions into reality, creating spaces uniquely tailored to our client’s needs and desires.

Your Best Decision

Our unique approach centers around working closely with our clients to craft spaces that are as individual as they are. We believe that the best designs emerge from a dynamic partnership, where your ideas are woven seamlessly into the fabric of every project.

Every Project is Unique

We dedicate ourselves to thoroughly understanding our clients, uncovering their unique needs and requirements, and crafting tailored solutions that align with their goals.

We are Passionate

We are committed to both our clients and our work. Our enthusiasm is fueled by the pursuit of projects that ignite our passion and our commitment to fostering environments where others can thrive and flourish.

What We Do

We are Engaged

The Principals at Interplan are actively engaged in each project, infusing a high level of attention and expertise into every facet of its development.

Local Experience

For nearly four decades, we have provided professional design services throughout the Washington metropolitan area and have expertise in all local jurisdictions.

Commitment to Budget & Schedule

Our holistic approach, encompassing our clients’ functional, budgetary, schedule, and aesthetic requirements, is strengthened by ongoing, transparent communication throughout every phase of a project’s evolution.