What We Do

We are fierce about our RELATIONSHIPS.

Creativity is the spark that ignites us.

We embrace OWNERSHIP and let our clients inspire us.

Long term clients grow from RESPECT.

Interplan is a full-service commercial architecture and interior design firm based on strong RELATIONSHIPS and RESULTS. Established in 1984, Interplan is now in its third generation of architects and designers dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs.

Our projects focus on the end users, dedicating time in the initial stages to understand our clients’ goals, schedule and budget. We utilize this information to create work environments, as unique as all of our clients.

Our Expertise

Test Fit Plans

Interplan creates individualized layout options to ensure that the needs and goals of the Client can fit into the space allotted. The test fit allows people to see, react and respond to the space plan and helps guide tenants, landlord and brokers in lease negotiations.

Concept Design & Finish Selections

Concepts represent the overall personality of a Client’s business, reflecting the ethos of a company in the design of their space. Concepts are commonly introduced through finishes, bringing the project to life by exploring selections through a three-dimensional lens. The finishes add personal touches, those particular aspects of a Client’s vision, into the look and feel of their environment. Interplan transforms its Client’s vision into reality by creating a cohesive and unique design for the end-user.

Full Service Interior Architectural Design

As a full-service Architecture Firm, Interplan will turn that initial design into a unified set of permit drawings. Interplan will assist you in every stage of the planning and build-out process, from the design and concept stage through permitting, bidding and construction compliance. These services are essential to make your project as efficient and successful as possible by capitalizing on opportunities, addressing challenges and ensuring quality at every stage of the building process.

Project Management

Interplan offers masterful supervision through every phase of the construction process, ensuring that the final product conforms to the design intention. Interplan successfully orchestrates each phase and discipline during the build-out to create a seamless process for the end user. We take the burden off of your shoulders allowing for you to focus your time and energy on the core of your business.

Tenant Leasing Support

Interplan knows Landlords. With a strong history as building architects, we appreciate the delicate balance of meeting the needs of a prospective tenant and working in the best interest of the landlord. We know where to offer creative solutions to tenants while still meeting the financial parameters of the deal. Interplan is known for our variety of experience with all building and occupant types, including our expert knowledge base with BOMA, to assist in all aspects of landlord services.

Existing Conditions Verification

Interplan carefully and diligently evaluates existing conditions using a combination of field measuring by hand or by state-of-the-art laser technology. Field verification is critical to every project no matter the size.

Building Repositioning / Renovation

Interplan understands the need to reposition buildings from yesterday into modern relevant spaces that empathize with today’s changing workforce. Interplan sees this as a great opportunity to give new life to a space while increasing the building’s value, relevancy and significance in the community.

Lobby, Common Area & Amenity Design

The past few years have shown an increased focus in amenity spaces and an increase of collaboration areas. Savvy owners and brokers know this and look to Interplan to create lobbies and add amenities that will entice both newcomers and existing occupants. Walking into a fabulous lobby immediately sets the tone of your entire experience in the building.

Building Code / ADA Analysis

Interplan is well versed in the ever-evolving building codes and demanding ADA requirements for each specific jurisdiction in the Washington Metropolitan area. At Interplan, we take pride in knowing our understanding of the code ensures our drawings are compliant. Potential construction issues are addressed early-on, well before they could ever become a challenge.

BOMA Area Calculations

Interplan’s expertise with BOMA calculations provides a welcome advantage to brokers and landlords negotiating deals and structuring leases with their tenants. An essential part of any leasing agreement is to accurately document the size and square footage of the building space with clear documentation that is authenticated and validated. When performing these calculations, Interplan adheres to the latest BOMA Standard Method of Measurement.

Consulting & Due Diligence Reports

Interplan provides consulting service for all space design needs as well as formal and informal due diligence reports. Whether you require investigative, strategic, and/or creative due diligence, Interplan’s expertise and years of experience is a powerful resource.

Furniture Selection & Specifications

Established in 1990, Lines Furniture is a full service furniture dealership housed within the Interplan office. Lines Furniture supports the Interplan staff and their clients as well as out-of-house Clients and Designers.


I’ve been thrilled with your efforts on the overall portfolio . Your level of detail provided on the individual projects , your quick turn around time and consistency with your communication has not gone unnoticed.

Kelly Crough, DSC Partners

I walked through briefly this morning and the spec suites look AMAZING!  All of the finishes, the “barn door,” the ceiling, etc. look so modern and beautiful.  Just wanted you to know you hit a home run…. Again!

Kathleen McCallum, RDP Management, Inc.

I can’t believe that, with what has been going on over the past few weeks in everyone’s lives, you have been able to seamlessly move this project forward as you have. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised given the stellar work that you do on any given day.

Client Testimony

Interplan adds great value with every space plan and provides each client with a clear understanding and expectation of the process from initial space plan, during the construction and finally with the move in.

Nick Zuppas, Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty

Can’t convey how much I appreciate the assistance Interplan gave me in administration of the project. All the stake holders are more than pleased with the outcome.

David Donaldson, Gray Television, Inc.

We have worked with three separate architectural firms as we’ve expanded our footprint regionally, we have chosen Interplan as our dedicated architects on all our future builds! Interplan is incredibly creative, talented, hardworking, and accessible. We have had far and away our best experience dealing with Interplan and they will be our sole choice going forward.

Terry Redmond, Founder Mast Labs

The decision for our pediatric physical therapy practice to move to a new location was a complex undertaking. While there were many hurdles to face, Interplan lifted our focused decision-making to excitement. They visited our present business location, understood our mission, and aligned their design with our practice. We are delighted how well Interplan’s design reflects who we are and what we aspire to provide our clients.

Rebecca Leonard, Early Intervention Associates