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Capital Area Realtors Federal Credit Union

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Project Highlights

Capital Area Realtors Federal Credit Union (CARFCU) serves Realtors in the Rockville, Maryland. CARFCU considers their members as their neighbors, and has served them since being founded in 1971.

Interplan supported CARFCU with their relocation, working towards their goals of providing a welcoming space to conduct their modern banking. With influences from coffee shops and business teaming areas, Interplan developed a welcoming and professional design, reflecting CARFCU’s members, employees, and board of directors. 

With budget in mind, we carefully specified simple yet elegant materials. Wood wall/ceiling cladding provides warmth, and paired with interior glass walls, a connection to nature is offered. Built-in upholstered bench seating and teaming tables with power connections provide touch down work areas for professionals on the go. We trust the space will serve them well for many years to come.