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RSM US, LLP - Boston

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Project Highlights

Interplan is proud to feel like an integral part of RSM’s facilities team, continuing to assist in defining and refining RSM’s national corporate image. Interplan’s 20-year-plus engagement with RSM culminated in 2015-17 with the renovation of their third largest office within the United States, in Boston, Massachusetts. RSM occupies this entire, four-story building. As a regional headquarters, this office hosts various training and speaker events. While all floors of the building were renovated, attention focused predominantly on the First floor of the building, which houses their community spaces – an Auditorium that can seat over two-hundred people, a Cafeteria for their 300+ staff, a Conference Center, an Art Gallery and their Reception area.

The views to the outside were ever-present in the redesign of the first floor. Glass walls are used generously, to create hierarchal and soft barriers throughout the space, while maintaining views to the exterior and maximizing daylighting. The interaction of daylight vistas throughout the space have become a guiding principle in the design of RSM’s offices. The goal is to be able to see daylight from any location within the floor. The design vision, to create a variety of meeting spaces that visually connect and expand vistas to the outside, supports and promotes RSM Boston’s passionate commitment to their local community.